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Aaron Ralston - Host of RFD-TV's "The Ride"

Join Aaron Ralston every week for a new episode of "The Ride" on RFD-TV as he travels the country and the world to provide a glimpse into the life of today's modern working ranch cowboy.

Aaron will take you to acclaimed ranches and show you the secrets of true horsemanship as he works with highly regarded experts. From working cattle to perfecting turnarounds, you will learn techniques from the best.

Then, Aaron will take you from the ranch to the show arena to demonstrate how ranch work translates into the competition world. From reining to going down the fence, "The Ride" will give you the inside look at it all.

Whether you enjoy the thrill of top-level competition or just appreciate the history of western lifestyle and the American Cowboy, you are sure to enjoy this new action-packed TV show.

So stay tuned, sit back, and hold on for "The Ride."

The Ride

Aaron Ralston of RFD - TVAaron Ralston Host of RFD-TV's "The Ride"

Aaron Ralston takes the reins at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
WEG reining gold medalist steps in for injured clinician Jonathan Field

DENVER - Aaron Ralston is an international reining superstar and a committed ranching professional who prides himself on celebrating and promoting the traditions of the working cowboy.
So when headliner Jonathan Field had to regretfully cancel his participation at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo due to injuries he suffered in a recent car accident, Ralston offered to take the reins.
"I was so sorry to hear Jonathan wouldn't be able to make it to the Expo, but I'm really pleased I can step in and help," Ralston said. "I'm really proud to be part of a community that comes together to work toward our common goal - creating more and better horsemen and horse women."
Ralston, a Colorado native, led Team USA to a gold medal in reining at the 2006 World Equestrian Games on Smart Paul Olena. He hosts "The Ride" featured on RFD-TV and produced by Cow Horse Productions, which chronicles major equine events, profiles ranches and showcases various riding disciplines.
"We deeply appreciate Aaron's willingness to step up his role on very short notice just days before the Expo kicks off," said Bill Scebbi, executive director of the Colorado Horse Council. "We wish Jonathan a speedy recovery, and we look forward to his return to future Expos."
Ralston will host a pre-Expo horsemanship clinic previously scheduled for Field on Thursday, March 10 at the National Western Complex, which will lead into three more days of education and fun for horse enthusiasts.
Daytime events include clinics and presentations on riding, driving, horsemanship, equine health and more March 11-13. More than 200 vendors will fill the tradeshow floor. Artists will display their works in Equine Art in the Park. A miniature horse show will run throughout the weekend, as will a holistic horse health fair. Friday and Saturday night Mane Event performances will begin at 7 p.m., and will feature solo acts, team demonstrations and more. Daytime entry is $7; the Mane Event is $10.
For more information, visit the event's website, YouTube Channel and Facebook page or contact Scebbi 302-292-4981.


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